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Key Features


Craft your posts, upload and schedule them. We take care of the rest so you can focus on engagement and growth.


Watch your engagement grow, focus on what matters most to you and open up new relationships easily.


Engage with those interested, develop relationships and see your business grow easily while our platform manages your message.

Plus My Reach - Facebook Engagement

Our new Facebook Engagement service from Plus My Reach puts you in the driving seat.

We take your content, distribute it for you and you simply watch your engagement and get involved when it's convenient for you.

Take Control Of Your Facebook Pages

Plus My Reach gives you the ability to automatically post to your Facebook pages from a pre-defined selection of posts. You create the posts, choose a category and simply turn them on or off as you want to.

Key Features:

Our system then automatically posts your updates for you leaving you to focus on engaging with your audience and crafting the right marketing message.

Some Of The Finer Details

Scheduling Facebook Posts

This depends entirely on your business and how many updates you would like to post. For example, we have clients that post just one update a day, others that have a lot of new content and post several times a day. These are some of the schedules we currently use.

We upload a selection of posts for you and then ensure that no post is created that has already been used that day so your content is always fresh and unique.

Plus My Reach - Twitter Engagement

With our Twitter engagement platform you register your Twitter account and the rest is automated.

Key Features:

Available Subscription Plans:

Facebook AutoPoster (Managed)

Post into any Facebook page you manage.

With this plan we work with you to help manage your posts.

Duration: 1 month
Price: £9.99
Twitter Account Management

Use our Twitter account management service to manage any Twitter account or groups of accounts.

Duration: 1 month
Price: £4.99